4 thoughts on “BFO969 – Vampriss

  1. Oh dear, poor auntie Vera. First someone stole her chicken then she lost her last tooth
    and she is a dentophobe what explains SO much. Let us wish her well and give back that chcken

  2. My dentis was Dr. Montgomery and he was mean. Made me fear the dentist too. Sadly a mother who only took me when I needed emergency dental care. I am fanatic about my kids going to the dentist. When my mother took me there it was worse than hansel and gretle getting tossed in an oven, I am sure. So, I would cry and kick and scream the whole way. Well, the straw that broke that camels back was when I screamed and cursed at this a$$wipe and all of a sudden there was no sound coming from me, my mom had walked in to find this monster had his hands over my mouth and nose.

    In 1995 my mom got married – her mother-in-law was married to the father of that monster.

    When I was 16 I went to Dr. Cutler and do to this day. Dentists – maybe you shouldn’t play this on the show.

  3. Since the episode was sponsored by MooseP I thought he did the intro music too. Otherwise it was ruination.

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