BFO4159 – A Leather Weather Drunkie Cast

It’s Sunday evening at Leather Weather weekend and the Fat One is joined by 17 other HORRAH guests and there are shots flowing and BF is over served. More about the weekend on tomorrow’s LITTLE show and a very important announcement about a beloved listener. Happy National Bagel Day.

BFO4158 – Sick of Leather Weather Weekend Yet?

The Fat One is at the Horrah Hotel for the festivities which began yesterday but took time to prerecord today’s LITTLE show which includes an Ask Big Fatty Question, a card and a rundown of the weekend’s events. Happy National Curried Chicken Day.

BFO4071 – Sportsball Calamity

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day in Fat Acres before revealing the major details of the upcoming Horrah Event in January… Leather Weather Weekend. Happy International Chocolate and National Peanut Day…. two great tastes that go great together.