BFO1191 – It’s the Sediment

The Fat One begins to catch up on Happy Exiting the Birth Canal voice letters but isn’t finished by any means. Plus there’s nattering and something in the P.O. Box! Don’t forget to order your Pride48 T-shirt and sign-up for the Tournament of Kings dinner or Zumanity show if you are going to be in Vegas.

4 thoughts on “BFO1191 – It’s the Sediment

  1. Crazy Foam WITH 2 gentleman callers……winner!
    As soon as you said the words Crazy Foam, I could smell and taste it.
    Got my par-avion today, thankyou.

  2. Where is kim? Lying dead under a rock? Literally now she can respond yea to anyone asking her if she’s been under a rock. Can you believe rosie odonell had a heart attack too. She’s so D list I think she had to hold her own press conference. Never heard anything. Course I am back to the eleven hour days and taking care of the Bacon’s. Speaking of bacon its bolts tonight.

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