BFO2562 – No Place to Tee Tee

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but pre-recorded today’s LITTLE show which is filled with plenty of nattering and voice letters (and coupons). Happy Humping!

BFO2428 – Stinky Aliens — REPOSTED

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show for May the Fourth (be with you). There’s Haikus, the coupon, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some voice letters. Happy National Orange Juice Day!

BFO2414 – Loyalty Plan

The Fat One closes out the week with nattering, some cards and voice letters. Happy carrot cake weekend!

BFO1574 – Bacon Brownie

The Fat One previews the Winter Games that start on Friday but also has time to play lots of voice letters. Happy Humping.

Here’s the link to the Brain Fart song.


BFO1496 – Changed Perception

The Fat One natters about his weekend in Minneapolis before taking several voiceletters. Oh, and wine may be involved. Happy Monday.


BFO1462 – Tooth Fairy

The Fat One has voice letters, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, some Pride 48 nattering and a look inside the e-letter bag.


BFO1362 – Dialer’s Cramp

The Fat One natters about catching up with several listeners before he takes several voiceletters. Happy National Eggs Benedict Day. VULGAH!


BFO1339 – Why?

The Fat One natters about lots of things today but catches up on all the voiceletters. However he does run out of time before reading the coupon. Happy National Potato Chip Day.


BFO1333 – It’s a Shock!

The Fat One natters about Pride 48, technology and more before playing voice letters and having a visit to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping.


BFO1318 – Conclave Smokestack

The Fat One checks on the Spotting Big Fatty Superfan results but also natters about other LITTLE shows before he plays some voice letters. Happy Humping!