38 thoughts on “BFO1362 – Dialer’s Cramp

  1. Disqualified.

    If the lovely Mexican wins how would the prize work? In the USiI send a cashiers check drawn on my bank.

    I love all the Mexicans.

    I love Late Vader too.

    I’m playing WWFs with … Yay! Fey! Yes.

    I hope you responded to each and everyone of those emails. I am still laughing.

  2. Lol, brilliant 🙂 I vote for HatM as the prize winner! He has earned himself the 1000000$

  3. John what is that C for.

    How dare the bacon! Checks are from the past, send coupons. I’m surprised you still use and trust checks.

  4. Whoever wins will have to help me figure out how to get the prize to them (: the big ten dollar prize. The home renovation is costing more than I thought.

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