BFO1361 – The Fiber of Your Ears

The Fat One natters about other LITTLE shows before introducing a new segment and the weekend update. Happy National Glazed Spiral Ham Day.


7 thoughts on “BFO1361 – The Fiber of Your Ears

  1. Then just send us your thoughts privately Hat :D.

    I love the new segment. It reminded me of Ding and Da Bell and then I remembered theirs was a game of sorts.

    Painted all weekend. Have paint head. Can smell paint but I’m at work.

    Ten minutes left to my lunch.

    I sneeze in twos.

    I just sneezed twice.

    My work place is not where I want to be.

    Going to the doctor with smelly to hold his hand. He had a funny feeling a couple weeks back and now ants his ticket listened to. Hello! I told you I could make a paper mache house out of his EOBs.

    Well. I better get back to my closet office so I can serve my last hour.

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