7 thoughts on “BFO1361 – The Fiber of Your Ears

  1. Have an opinion about that podcasts getting boring comment but won’t write it down here as too ugly.

  2. Then just send us your thoughts privately Hat :D.

    I love the new segment. It reminded me of Ding and Da Bell and then I remembered theirs was a game of sorts.

    Painted all weekend. Have paint head. Can smell paint but I’m at work.

    Ten minutes left to my lunch.

    I sneeze in twos.

    I just sneezed twice.

    My work place is not where I want to be.

    Going to the doctor with smelly to hold his hand. He had a funny feeling a couple weeks back and now ants his ticket listened to. Hello! I told you I could make a paper mache house out of his EOBs.

    Well. I better get back to my closet office so I can serve my last hour.

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