BFO2081 – Thinking Cap

The Fat One had an oopsie but corrected it so you would have a LITTLE show filled with voice letters, an Ask Big Fatty question, and plenty of nattering. Happy National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.

CLICK HERE to see the video of the Aunt Clara clip.


2 thoughts on “BFO2081 – Thinking Cap

  1. Here my official ruling on Scottie entry. So no one can call Fowl Monkey (since it is the year of the Fowl Monkey) it has to be snail mailed in to the BFO. But the exchange rate on the prize makes it a bigger prize I believe for Mexican people. In June I have contest planned that will be a much bigger prize and make it easier for Mexicans to enter. Love hearing from everyone who’s entered.

  2. Enjoying the contests and ideas. Now I can go on vacation!!! (:

    I just wish everyone could win ….

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