5 thoughts on “BFO80 – Carn Sarn It

  1. Glad that you liked the necklace – I wasn’t sure whether to send you the Pita bread (you have great taste) or the little pendant – but I guess it is more convenient to wear than the Pita bread.
    Beautiful show again 🙂
    Love you xo

  2. What sweet listeners you have! I think I have some great listeners too. It’s always nice to get nice e-mails and gifts like that.

    I have never seen or heard of that show today on the Memory Lane Music. I must be too young for that one.

  3. Awwww Fatty Daddy! You entertain & make so many of us laugh every single (well most every) day that it’s the least I could do to say thank YOU for the smiles.

  4. 1.) Who was that in your show open? Some of it sounded just like me!
    2.) LMFAO at your Walter Brennen and I LOVED “The Real McCoys”.
    3.) David COOK won dear. We’re you having an adult beverage whilst you watched?

    We’re really old kisses,

  5. Dad, how could you confuse David A. with your future ex son-in-law!? Jeez!

    I still love you though!

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