9 thoughts on “BFO79 – Growing Old and G(r)ay – The 40s

  1. It is always so amazing how you guys still remember all those things and details!!!

    Oh shit – I am 40 and I hated it so much when the fortiness kicked my ass. And all your talking about it made my back hurt and not in a good way. At minute 14:48 my eye sight deteriorated all of a sudden and I can hardly see now what I type.
    Hey BF – you don’t need Botox – you look fabulous 🙂

    Listen with your eyes? See with your ears?

    When did you reach that state of bewilderment? In your 50ies?

    But to be honest, as far as I can say til now, everything you guys said is very true. I hope that wisdom and sageness will be out there for me, too one day. I have problems embracing all those changes, especially because I still have the maturity of a 21 year old (but not the looks) but to listen to you both being so dignified and grand about it, might be my guideline.

  2. I think the 40’s have been the best so far. I have felt all the things you guys talked about…moving slowly, feeling all the aches, etc. I’ve also had my eyes change twice so far. And I think I need to go back to the eye doctor this summer.

    What do I have to look forward to in the 50’s?

  3. my big question.
    How can we keep AARP from sending us junk mail?
    Every year they seem to start mailing to younger and younger people

  4. As someone who is RAPIDLY approaching the big 40, I have to say I can’t wait! My late 30’s have been the best of my life, and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter reveals.

  5. Hi ya Big Fatty,

    I’ve recently been shuffling my listening and decided to give you a go after hearing so much about your show. I first heard about you on “The Daily Purge” and kept hearing the name pop up. No longer being on the cutting edge (and not really giving a crap about it ((yeah, getting older has it’s advantages))), I started listening last week. Ok,…….. that was my mistake and I’m regretting it.

    You may not know about the tuna but you must know something about fishing. I felt like I was being reeled in all along but I think you’ve got me hooked. I have to say, today’s show was one of the most honest looks into the graying gay years I’ve heard (apologizes to anyone else who has covered this, you know CRS).

    I’m looking forward to next week’s edition and I’ll be listening in the meanwhile.

    Your new listener and fellow southern boy,

    Tim in Tampa

  6. I wasn’t worried about the 40s until Big Fatty talked about going to the eye doctor all those times in one year. What if I already feel the aches and pains and I’m only in my 30s?

  7. Wow another great show and I have to agree my 40’s (only have a few into it) have been great overall and so much better than my 20’s that is for sure. I wish I felt the way I do now versus then my life would have been so much better but we live and learn right!

    My only complaint about this show is that I wish it had been longer – just love listening to the two of you! 🙂

  8. My 20’s were beer. The 30’s wine, and the 40’s vodka. So far, the 50’s are scotch. Praying the 60’s aren’t port…

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