8 thoughts on “BFO78 – Impersonating Chickens

  1. Good heavens – this was like a rollercoaster ride!! Big Fatty – I really thought that I heard Hillary – unbelievalbe!!!
    I always loved the memory lane music today – Barbara Eden was always soo funny 🙂
    Very funny as usual sweetie 🙂

  2. You certainly killed that chicken, didn’t you?

    I didn’t know the memory lane music from the first piece you played but got instantly when I heard the second one. Who doesn’t love I Dream Of Jeanie?

  3. Your impersonations (particularly Harpo) was SPOT-ON!

    I knew BOTH MLM’s today! YAAAAAY me. I was ten-shades of obsessed with all things Jeanie. Do you remember the original intro to Gilligan’s Island?

  4. A chicken in every pot means someone is a chicken hawk. AKA Bar trolls.

  5. i loved all of your impersonations i think they were all spot on, but i love everything you do.
    i did not get the first song but i did get the second one right off thanks big fatty for a wonderful podcast later sky

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