8 thoughts on “BFO77 – Wrecking the Train Elsewhere

  1. Sounds like you had a very filling weekend!

    Finally a Memory Lane Music I know. I loved watching St. Elsewhere. And I love that music. I think the two best actors on there were Howie Mandel and Ed Beagley Jr.

  2. I wished I knew German, because I would have wet myself the first time I heard it.
    My pants got a little tight when I heard the english translation.

  3. Fraulein was, indeed, the correct term for the old lady. However, when I lived in Germany, we used to call them “Frownlines”. The translation was beautiful. I’m thrilled he turned it up!

    Have a great week Fatty.

  4. Big Fatty’s reading was brilliant. There you recognize all those many many years and years and years of experience and skill.
    Big Fatty made it sound hot, whereas the German original sounded a bit stupid and rather ridiculous.
    I guess Mr. Serpent had a marvellous time this weekend 🙂

    “Frownline” – that was hilarious (F)reddy :)) Where in Germany did you live?

  5. The hospital that St. Eligius is based on is now called Boston Medical Center or BMC, and is down the street a piece from my apartment. It’s still considered kind of the “ghetto hospital” of town. Not where you wanna go for major surgery, but if you’ve been shot during gangland warfare, you won’t find a better Emergency department. It has a reputation of being the best teaching hospital because all the nasty cases that end up being dumped there.

    Fun fact: Gerry Studds, the first openly gay menber of the U.S. Congress, died at this hospital of a pulmonary embolism in 2006.

  6. Wow, we found something Archerr would eat! My mom pronounced it “chopmeat n’ rice” I’ll never forget the smell of it. eww!! (=

  7. According to my German teacher, a female is referred to as “Fraüline” until she is of the age of majority, then she is referred to as “Frau,” regardless of marital status.

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