6 thoughts on “BFO83 – If You Want to See History…

  1. Yes, the birthday month is almost over. But fear not, it will return in October. hahaha

    I do remember the census in 1990 but not in 1980….I didn’t care about anything then. In 2000 I filled out the form but no one came to my house.

    I didn’t recognize the jingle you sang but it might be because of your singing. I did know almost all of those jingles that made the top 10 of the century….despite your singing them. hehehe

    I loved the Candid Camera show. I even remember the black and white days of the show. And when it came back a few years ago with his son, it was pretty good. I think it might have been the first reality TV show. I don’t remember the Dom Delouise version of the show.

  2. Oh Big Fatty – you have such a lovely voice 🙂 I love my little songbird 🙂 Do you play an instrument by the way? And I don’t speak of the skinflutes, meh! – who cannot play that one?! No, what instrument would actually suit you? The piano? Or rather something with a mouthpiece (no chance to sing thank goodness) like a trombone?

  3. This last census year is actually the first time anyone ever came to my house to record our information in person. It was a bit awkward, at first, as it was the first time we had the kids. So the woman was sitting in our living room with her little census taking machine and when she started getting to the questions about the kids she back-tracked and asked if their mother lived with us. I said, “Yeah, he’s sitting right there!” She then gave the big obligatory “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. I prepared myself for the worst, next, but she surprised me by asking me if she could pass our contact information along to her gay brother cuz he was wanting to adopt some kids as well.

    I love your singing voice. All your jingles were way too easy!

    Listen…it’s your show, but I have a teeny tiny suggestion. I think you should break up your MLM segment into two different parts. In part one give all the information about the PREVIOUS MLM…and then play the next MLM at the end of the segment and see how many of your peeps can guess what it’s from. Just a suggestion…you really don’t need to mess with perfection for little ol’ me.

  4. I remember filling out the census but never met anyone in person! I hope when they do the next one that the GLBT community will speak up!

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