6 thoughts on “BFO82 – Don’t Ask

  1. Somebody forgot to let the dogs and kids know it was a holiday weekend and they didn’t have to get up at 5 ANY of the three days. Nonetheless, it’s been a fabulous weekend and I smell one more nap in my future.

    Brusha, Brusha, Brusha…with the new Ipana!

    Much love from Northern Mexico.

  2. Okay. I know this is looking a gift horse square in the mouth, but you know how on your Fat Favorites list (in which I am proud and honored to included) when you hover your mouse over all the names it says a little something about the show? …. all the names but mine, that is.

    I mean, the least it could say would be, “He’s a fat, bald guy in Woodland Hills.”

    Counting Ed’s Teeth kisses,

    Oh and PS – Loved today’s show….. 😉

  3. What was that about Larry Vader (V-E-D-E-R) tossed in there? Was it a joke or real? Hope he’s doing okay.

  4. JESUS CHRIST! I did fall down the stairs and I’d left my life alert bracelet at Big Fatty’s. I am ok… if a shade of purple. Sexy.

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