5 thoughts on “BFO86 – Listener Stuff for BF

  1. Could you make me any older? 700? I’m old, but not that old!

    I loved Bubba from Moma’s Family….only because he was so hot. He looks great! I’d do him today!

    Even though you say it was an easy one, I didn’t know the Memory Lane Music. I never watched 90210 so I wasn’t familiar with the music. oh well

  2. Pssst: I had a secret crush on Bryan Austin Greene (or however it’s spelled–who needs to know that when you’re–oh, never mind).

    You had a lot of stuff in this episode, didn’t you BF? I was privileged to join you in celebrating Archerr’s 700th birthday which was great because, of course, he’s a treasure. I think that, I’m doing better at “Mystery Lane” since you stopped the game show stuff…

  3. I loves me some hot Bubba…
    Glad he didnt get any nasty tattoos..

  4. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who had a thing for “the Bubba”.
    Wonder how he would do on “The Big Gay Sex Show’s celebrity wouldja?

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