BFO3476 – Marching Orders

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, an explanation of the ruination on Tuesday and a voiceletter… PLUS he THINKS the Glamour Shot will indeed post today at Noon. Happy National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day.

Oh the Horrah!

The Thursday LITTLE SHOW is now correctly posted.  Clearly iTurds was very upset about yesterday’s news and RUINED it.  Clearly not the fault of the Fat One.  Womp Womp. Go get the right show.

BFO118 – Farewell Cally-forn-yuh!

Miss Kitty (aka the FHoS) sits near the Fat One as he has sound issues…. imagine that… BUT, there’s Cartoon Memory Lane music. Woo Hoo!

BFO112 – Breck’s Shampoo Palace or Bust

BF and Miss Kitty are here and there’s been plenty of inappropriate touching…. Good Lord!  So much, in fact, that there wasn’t time for “Memory Lane” music.  RUINED.

BFO107 – Sissy, Boom Boom & Tee Tee

This episode starts and ends in the crapper… NO voiceletters, NO “Memory Lane” music…. just the Fat One nattering on and not doing a very good job at it.  RUINED!


Big Fatty went through his photo library and deleted old photos (except the BFO logos).  Unfortunately, I did not realize that this would delete them from the BFO posts.  Sorry!  I promise to be “less anal” in the future.  Go ahead, give me the FINGER!

BFO-000 Trainwreck Preview

This one doesn’t really count but listen and let the UNSUBSCRIBING begin.