4 thoughts on “BFO118 – Farewell Cally-forn-yuh!

  1. BB Australia just got cancelled for good yesterday. No more perving on the meat and 2 veg. Poopy.

  2. And in New Zealand we’ve never had Big Brother (USA), and only got Big Brother (Australia) for the first few seasons. BB Australia was doomed after ex-Prime Minister John Howard demanded it be cancelled. So, all this talk of BB is a big yawn for me, I’m afraid.

  3. No pictures of BigFatty nekkid at the pool ? – ooooh, there’s a tragedy 🙂

    I guess I will remain the only living soul who hasn’t had the pleasure to have seen
    those ginormous smørekingers of yours 🙁


    The only way I would watch the BigBrothers would be if BigFatty joined the house!!!!
    Prime Time TV for me 🙂

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