BFO112 – Breck’s Shampoo Palace or Bust

BF and Miss Kitty are here and there’s been plenty of inappropriate touching…. Good Lord!  So much, in fact, that there wasn’t time for “Memory Lane” music.  RUINED.

6 thoughts on “BFO112 – Breck’s Shampoo Palace or Bust

  1. What the???Miss Kitty is a man?!!! Can anyone out there fill a newbie in on some other well known and not so obvious fun facts about the BF?

  2. I love that your new microphone is called Snowflake.

    Oh my did you boys get busy while you were out there. I can’t believe that Miss Kitty was about to hook a guy just buy standing on the veranda smoking. How does she do it? And you guys “entertained” the boy together? My my!

  3. I love the new microphone! I guess the sound would even be better if you pulled it out of your ass 🙂

    Oh I’m sorry – I am just the jealous and bitter Cinderella who has to watch her stepsisters go to the ball without her 🙁

    Your trip seems to be a blast!!! Enjoy and have fun dear old friend 🙂 And please post some pictures for your listeners and little cinderella.

    Love ya xo

  4. Had a blast at The Mix. Miss Melinda went home with a black eye. Oh Lord!!!

  5. Wow you sound so different with the new microphone!

    Also pace yourself – don’t want your dick to be like a fine aged wine – don’t want your cork o dry up and fall off!

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