30 thoughts on “BFO-000 Trainwreck Preview

  1. Welcome back! Good job all by yourself–not a trainwreck at all. I bet someone could help you use the sound effects so you won’t have to keep yourself gassy.

    This is the first time I’ve left the first message on the first episode of a new podcast, even if it’s the unofficial preview episode. Gosh!

  2. Look who is back :)) Yippee!
    I love your site, I love your show, I love your fat ass and I really love it that it is just Big Fatty pure without those stressful sound effects –
    You are amazing honey! –


  3. Oh my gosh!! The fat one is back! yeah! So glad to see you got this all together. Tim is such a big help. I’ll have to call you voice line and leave a message. Congrats! I look forward to all the segments and future shows.

  4. Big Fatty! I’m so glad to hear you’re still on the podcast airwaves ^_^

    I can hardly be online any more but really, I’m always listening to your shexy, shexy vocal stylings ;p


  5. OH MY SHIT STARS!!! YES! Glad to see you decided to go for it and I can’t wait for the first official episode!

  6. Hey Big Fatty,

    It’s one of the two fat bears down in Texas. Kellen sent me your trainwreck preview. Despite being a big fan of How Much Do We Love, I’ve never listened to your show before. As a new listener, I have to say I had a smile of some kind or another on my face throughout your show. I’ve got a few ideas, so I may try to throw my weight around every once in awhile.


  7. good to see, right from podcast no.1…
    R U I N E D !

    “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Australian Store.”

    lucky i’m not dj david j, or i would have something to say about ‘americans & iTunes’. LOL.

    if only i could unsubscribe. That probably wont work yet either.

    down under

  8. all i can say is thank god you are back. i missed that sexy voice of yours.
    the preview was wonderful and not a trainwreck at all. i’m looking forward to many many more. sky

  9. Hey Big Fatty, Welcome back. My daily commute has been lacking your wit and humor. Welcome back, hurry and get your itunes up. Your Friend in Charlotte.

  10. I am very happy you are doing this, you are quite enjoyable to listen to, ruination and all. I plan to call in for the good gosh and gays, considering I live in quite a conservative area and I’m constantly in situations that are completely RUINED with closep-minded people who enjoy making uneducated blanket statements. GOSSSHHHH!!!!! Can’t wait for the first “real” show! Oh, I had to look up when the Super Bowl was, what the hell do I know?? (;

  11. Fat one, Congrats on having your very own podcast!!! If you ever see me online (if i’m ever on the skypes),.. feel free to ruin your podcast and invite me for a chat 😀

    P.S. I think Super hot guys in skin-tight pants and pads – making hard hitting contact in the Bowl is hot!, in my opinion anyway ;p

  12. I just pray that we get weekly audio tours of the finest Wineries South Carolina has to offer…

  13. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy your back on line, mind you I just got home from being on the road for a month. So this is great news, and I can’t wait to have you in my iTurds.

    I was going to offer any help, but I see you don’t need it. I hate being on the road for so long cuz I miss these big events.

    The fat one is back and I am a happy camper.



  14. BIG FATTY! So glad to see you’re back… if you’re not on the computra, how are you recording? I know I sent you some sound FX for the other show, and if there is anything I can do to help (in the form of a sound FX CD maybe?), I’ll rub the fat out of my ears, and try to help.


  15. Oh yeah, and I have a great little (as in short) ditty that would rock as your new, fat theme! Let me know if you wanna hear it. I can also slap together something (audio clips, music, beats, whatever) for you if you wants… any FATsistance I can offer.

  16. the first thing i thought when i heard the fat one’s back was great! then you went on to describe the format of the new show………….GOSH! and there was a little gay sprinkled on top. i love it real hard.

  17. Damn it’s good to hear you back on Big Fatty. I love the new and improved show and it was by no stretch of the imagination a train wreck. You modulated perfectly. And why would you have to edit when everything you have to say is a pearl of wisdom. ConGradUlations.!!!!

  18. I LOVE THIS SHOW!! ive herd about it on other podcasts, buh i was like”idk, i dont want it to be like the little fatty cast, those sounds were a bit much for me” buh it’s nothing like that! as a fellow southerner let me jus say ur colloquial dialect is very endeering!
    im on like episode 6, cant wait to listen and get caught up!
    hav a great weekend!
    and u are TOO MUCH on pns haha. they shude hav u ont here every single week!

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