6 thoughts on “BFO106 – Face Slappin’

  1. The person looking for information about eyesight in their 40s won’t need to worry about that anymore: They’ve now gone blind.

    Living on the edge of the world, you just have to know about things. Like about iTunes. BTW, today petrol (as it’s known) is the equivalent to US$6.02 per US gallon.

    I watched Dobie Gillis in reruns, but I liked Maynard G. Krebs and Zelda better.

    Have fun on your three hour cruise! I hope the weather doesn’t start getting rough, or that the tiny ship is tossed. But if it is, I hope the courage of the boss’ crew keeps the boat from being lost. Just remember: If it is, all you need is a few coconuts and a suitcase full of dresses and you can do anything.

  2. I think “Turkey Slap” would be the correct terminology BF. Google Big Brother Australia for further reference if still unsure how to properly Turkey Slap British John.Have fun.

  3. I fixed iTunes…..Personal Journals are back where they were before. Sorry my iTunes team fucked it up for a day or two. Everything should be back to normal now.

  4. Oh please Big FAtty – be careful when you turkey slap British John – you could rip off his little head with that monstrous shlong of yours. And if you must do it, take pictures!

  5. Tommy Rettig was “Jeff Miller” the first little boy on Lassie. I’m gonna take away your Old Television Fanatic card.

    Timmy’s in the well kisses,

  6. When you said you were going to color your beard, I imagined a bright color like blur or purple or red. i say go for it! (:

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