BFO1232 – KB is Pissed

Dear Gussie! Vladimir (BF’s new nickname) has made Miss Beaver mad but hopes to get on her good side soon. Until then, he has a special Exiting Celebration to catch up on, a visit to the Fat Cave for some Quiz Program nattering and even a chance to see the newest additions to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Humping.

15 thoughts on “BFO1232 – KB is Pissed

  1. Cleaning the house furiously does not mean some is pissed……it means they are irate!

  2. HatM – inappropriate regardless of the KB you are talking about –

    wonder where my red condom went –

    Going to make banana bread on Saturday and eat Banana bread and drink Margaritas with umbrellas –

    My brother found out he is allergic to peanuts – he almost died.

  3. farty – what time do you record? I want to call while you are recording – I want to hear the ring tone – I am sure it is something sweet and lovingly –

  4. all this natter reminded me I was mad at you – but it was for you telling them what my email said about the memory and mammory stick –

  5. So, are you done thinking I am pissed?

    I applied for a job that I have been working towards for 19 years and was passed over because the A-wipe who is my supervisor hates me because I am smarter than him –
    I could be a GS-13 step 4 or 5 – gives me $90,000 reasons to be mad.

    So, I am sorry – I need to file EEO – i am reporting him to congress tomorrow at 3:30 – life is a little tough on me and it is no excuse to neglect you –

  6. in 2013 I am having a contest and giving $100 to the person that leaves the 100th comment – BUT THERE WILL BE RULES – IT HAS TO MENTION ME, IT HAS TO BE ABOUT THE SHOW AND IT HAS TO BE MORE THAN 20 WORDS, STARTING WITH THE FIRST SHOW DATED 2013.

  7. LORD I hope you are not replying to these…..poor big fatty – are we good now – are you convinced yet that you are at the top of my favorite people – not as top as vader – no one will surpass vader – he and I have a love like no other – even if it is just in my head –

  8. Okay – well – I will quit bugging – you are very important to me – so if it gives the little show some content – go ahead and tell the world I am mad at you – tell them I caught you wearing white after Labour Day.

    Do you know HatM is moving to a different FLAT and because I keep playing words with friends with him he cannot get his boxing done and because I play with mister Zed he is not helping ~ ruining lives, its what WE do – US Bacon Lovers.

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