BFO1231 – Can I Come Spend the Weekend?

The Fat One finishes telling about the weekend before giving a chicken soup recipe and recommending a TV show. Plus we lear the reason there was no LITTLE show from Walnut Hills last Friday. Happy National Seafood Month.

6 thoughts on “BFO1231 – Can I Come Spend the Weekend?

  1. Being gay is awesome.
    A dude rings and says he can fit in a half hour,no worries. And I thought popping a Hungry Man TV Dinner in the oven as a kid was quick, convenient, and yummy.
    Ladies…are you listening?????

  2. I did not listen to this show before the other one –

    Big Farty – would you like me to start a little game with you on the WWF’s???? It’s been three days – we are on a dry spell ourselves.

    You are just at the South Park part –

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