7 thoughts on “BFO1199 – Blue Moon Surprises

  1. I released the hounds earlier, Santa Fatty is rushing his way around the world with copies of the app for all his good little boys and girls, it should be with you all soon!

    I do hope you love it and enjoy it and there is even more coming in the future.

    This one is just for the people with Apple snax in their pockets. Sorry Androiders! Yours is coming soon.

  2. Love the new app. Especially the weather rat. Although I miss the old voice letter app.

  3. Stevie b and me were born on the same day!!! TWINS!!! The B must stand for Bacon!!

  4. Just can’t believe some listeners didn’t sent back the census. Or maybe they did find the unsubscribe button. Good for them, they got out of the loop.

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