7 thoughts on “BFO910 – 20 Minutes of Stammering

  1. KB – Cheerios when I was in school was a nickname we had for – well, sadly we thought ‘Cheerios’ sounded better than ‘Zeroes’. Womp-Womp! I don’t want to be a Cheerio! Well, you are what you eat – but you also vomick up the Cheerios!

    But a contest is a good idea, there’s always so much participation – maybe Live it Up could hand the score cards for theIr little stagnant contest over to BF & some poor chap could win that pot-o-gold before Vegas?!?

  2. The BFO listeners should be called Piggys. Each day we turn in for 20 minutes of wallowing with the Fat One.

  3. I think you misread my tweet. I didn’t say the Stompersons stop making noise. They HAVEN’T stopped making noise.

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