Big Fatty to Attend International Horror Event

The Fat One has decided to attend the International Mr. Leather Weekend in the Chicargos over Memorial Day Weekend.  There WILL be a FAT “Meet and Greet” at some point during the weekend at a non-horror venue.  Details to come.  Alert the authorities that an International Internet Celebrity is scheduled to be in The Windy City.  Make your plans to see the Fat One!  NOTE:  BF does not want to have to pay for a single beverage… just like in San Francisco last year.


5 thoughts on “Big Fatty to Attend International Horror Event

  1. English John is supposed to be around that weekend. And of course I will be! Can’t wait to meet the FAT!!!

  2. Dearest Fat One,

    There are two factors that will contribute to making your Chicago trip the ULTIMATE HORRAH EXPERIENCE:

    1) British John (People that are pronounced dead should stay that way.)
    2) Being In the Midwest (a.k.a. “Flyover Space”)

    Hope all is well in Chucktown!


  3. Just let me know when it’s all over, so I can come back out from behind the sofa.

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