5 thoughts on “BFO320 – Lucy Mame

  1. Oh! Dear Gussie! I thought you were going to tease us about readin’
    that recipe all the way to the bitter end.

    You’re a hoot, Big Fatty! Make sure to visit Kim Brewer today. She
    got a taste of what Daniel Beaver asks of his listeners. Gosh! My back
    hurts all of a sudden.

  2. I’m loving me some BF, spread your cheeks with some bacon and watch the boys come a running.

    Also, nothing makes me happier than some of my southern roots foods, fried chicken, grits, okra, cornbread, sweet tea and 7 minute frosting cake.

  3. I am having problems with the last 3 minutes of your show, it just sounds like garbled chipmunks on my system. Oh well, I’m sure there was nothing important during those last 3 minutes.

  4. Mr. Brewer, I’d recommend downloading another copy of the show, as my copy is quite clear all the way through…

    …And what a mouth-watering show it is!
    Nothing beats 10-mintues-from-the-stalk corn grilled in it’s husk. -Served with real English butter and a grind or two of course salt. Hmmm…Heaven.
    Mind you; ‘gotta stop listening to this podcast on the toilet. M y mouth started watering mid-motion and that really freaked me out…

    And a big thankyou for that grits recipe. I’ll have to omit the sausage, but that mo’fo’s in the BANK.

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