6 thoughts on “BFO481 – Soup Cauldron

  1. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    How could you F&*^ this up
    The song was was performed by Straight No Chaser.
    You can even find them on the iTurds.
    You’re lucky my husband Kevin was not near you, he’d cut a bitch over getting his favorite holiday music group incorrect.
    Ruined, Ruined, what else should I expect


    Brian in Danbury

  2. Yes they are right..because one of our local radio stations has played it as a part of there holiday music. That is what they anouncer said Straight No Chasers. I loved that Christmas card that was a hoot, if there ever was card in your honor, or made in your honor, that truely was it. Jingle Farts how appropriate..LOL

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