BFO482 – High on the Hog

It’s Hump Day and Big Fatty natters his way through several topics including several that he got his ass chewed for.  There are some e-letters to clean up and one prompts an “Ask Big Fatty” segment.  But there’s still time for opening the giftette from Mr. B. in the Laguna Beaches.


3 thoughts on “BFO482 – High on the Hog

  1. Hey BF, really good show as always. I do not think you f * * * * this one up at all. Yes, I did get your last email, when you responded about my youtube video I forwarded to you. That response I did get, not sure why I did not get the others or why it bounced back at you.
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas my dear.
    I am still in the nursing home, but only I hope for a short time now. I decorated again this year for residents we actually put up 5 trees and I decoated them all, even from my wheel chair Brian helped with a couple, he is so good to do that. The residants are so happy, they love the trees..
    David in Denver

  2. Awww, get well soon honey! @David

    xo kb

    Ps it was so kind of you to tell BF that he did not f* up this time. Thanks for the random act of kindness dear 🙂

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