BFO1798 – 2007 Chrima Spectacular

The Fat One starts today with some sad news. Afterwards, there is a visit to Spotting Big Fatty before the annual rebroadcast of Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer. Happy National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day.



Dear Gussie it’s one week until Chrima and the Fat One kicks the countdown off with the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, Larry the Fat-Ass Reindeer. BUT, before that there are testicle issue which are resolved by the end of the LITTLE show PROVING that this show should have been called “Big Fatty the Dumb-Ass Podcaster.” Poor Big Fatty.


BFO753 – Chrima Kitties and a Fat Ass Reindeer

The Fat One is STILL trying to finish opening Chrima cards but has to stop abruptly in order to present the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, “Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.”  Happy National Date Nut (VULGAH) Bread Day.

BFO492 – Vulgah, Just Vulgah!

The Fat One begins with some nattering about meeting Wes the Gay Country (not spelled CUNT) and a surprise visitor at the “boys in underpants” bar.  There’s a special phone call from Mississippi and then the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, “Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.”  Enjoy!