BFO492 – Vulgah, Just Vulgah!

The Fat One begins with some nattering about meeting Wes the Gay Country (not spelled CUNT) and a surprise visitor at the “boys in underpants” bar.  There’s a special phone call from Mississippi and then the 2007 Chrima Spectacular, “Larry the Fat Ass Reindeer.”  Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “BFO492 – Vulgah, Just Vulgah!

  1. If I heard this correctly – you have 100 Friends (fans) and you only had 20 cards? So, I get mine after Christmas? Okay, well then, whew, I don’t feel so bad for not affording a Chrima Happy for my Fatty :). Did you hear my great news, by chance? Let’s just say – watch out for run-away curbs! Meh!!!!

  2. Hahaha I love the spectacular 🙂
    I know that lesbian bar. The Bitches Tittie is to me what the is to you.
    Oh the good times I had in their back room 🙂

    great job guys!!!!

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