BFO2952 – Vi Returns

The Fat One heads back down Memory Lane with a favorite Chrima special from 2009 and plenty of nattering to include a special report on the news and the coupon! Happy National Taffy (not Carlisle Huffington) Day.

CLICK HERE to see the runaway mobile mansion on the news.

BFO1800 – 2009 Chrima Spectacular

The Fat One continues the week with the play of old Chrima spectaculars as he travels to the HORRAH hotel. Happy National Roast Suckling Pig Day. Poor Big Fatty.


BFO1539 – Revisiting Frosty Clause

The Fat One has his annual rebroadcast of the 2009 Chrima Spectacular for you today. Happy National Hard Candy Day.


BFO1278 – Frosty Clause Returns

The Fat One presents the 2009 Chrima Spectacular for your enjoyment today. Happy National Fried Shrimp Day (Omar will be excited).


BFO1016 – Return to Myronville

The Fat One natters FAST because today’s rebroadcast of the 2009 Chrima Spectacular fills the rest of the time. Enjoy.

BFO755 – It’s Like Chrima 2009 Again

The Fat One has a special retransmission of the 2009 Chrima Spectacular.  Don’t forget there will be something special under your tree Chrima morning from the Fat One.  Ho Ho Ho!

BFO494 – 2009 Chrima Spectacular

Ho Ho Ho from the BFO!  Hope you all enjoy this little giftette and special thanks to Miss Lauren for the artwork.