BFO2952 – Vi Returns

The Fat One heads back down Memory Lane with a favorite Chrima special from 2009 and plenty of nattering to include a special report on the news and the coupon! Happy National Taffy (not Carlisle Huffington) Day.

CLICK HERE to see the runaway mobile mansion on the news.

One thought on “BFO2952 – Vi Returns

  1. That CBS news story was very provocative:
    “…authorities … chased a stolen motor home with a huge gash behind the wheel…”

    Goodness. A huge gash? That’s not a nice thing to call someone, even if they did steal a diamond-encrusted mobile mansion and spin out on the 101. CBS has no manners!

    I guffawed listening to Daniel Bieber’s voice-over on the Memory Lane Chrima episode.
    It’s hard to believe that was almost a DECADE ago.

    All my thoughts are with you on the rollercoaster…

    love, Cathy

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