14 thoughts on “BFO494 – 2009 Chrima Spectacular

  1. I was tipsy when I recorded my part, but I didn’t know I should have been tipsy when I listened to it.

    Big Fatty, you’re not right. Jesus!

  2. This is brilliant guys!!!!
    I knew that one day that “knitting caftans for larger lesbians”-workshop would finally pay off!
    Only one thing maybe, being the omniscient beaver that I am I knew that there is NO PO box big enough for one of Vera’s caftans. Sorry Tim 🙂 See you same place same time next year 🙂
    Oh, the honor 🙂

  3. Flawless! A hysterical skit performed perfectly. Thank you BigFatty, Daniel, Tim, Arthur, Holly, Wes, Kim, LaLaLuaren – and of course AuntieVera. Gems like this make me happy to have found this unique and creative community.

  4. Hold on … back the fuck up!

    I spent 17 and a half hours deciphering and recording the crayon scribbled rantings of a mentally deranged man, and guru_nudie thanks VERA?


  5. Bravo! For Chrima I want all the hours I wasted listening to all the podcasts so I could understand all the references back.

  6. Daniel Beaver, do we not thank the Grand Canyon as well for the photography of Ansel Adams? Bald Mountain herself in addition to Mussorgsky for the classic Night on Bald Mountain? The evil witch that wanted to bake the children in the oven as well as Hansel and Gretel? Well, I’m sure you get my point….

  7. Hey Big Fatty – great! Loved it! Hello! Ms. Palin is really desperate, isn’t she? I mean – from where she has been to podcasting? Wow!
    Daniel – you are right up there with my favorite narrator – Morgan Freeman!
    Merry Chrima to all & to all a gassy night –

  8. This was the best Chrima Special ever. And what’s most funny about it to me is that my Dad really was an Ambulance Driver on the side for extra money as a Church Pastor. I really should change the name of my personal podcast to “Tim Call An Ambulance”.

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