7 thoughts on “BFO795 – Smokehouse Flavor

  1. There went my cheerios. Hearing about your girlskaping by that poor barber during breakfast is too much. Enjoy your weekend honey and give Michael Brandon a special Beaver hug. He is my fb pal and a gentleman 🙂

  2. Good GAWD after I declared I was going to listen to this horror I got interrupted like 6 times and when I finally made it to the end the blackberry gave up with less than four minutes to go and I could not even tell you what the show was about…….g’night!!

  3. I should say first of all that your Artwork is vulgar seen from everybody in the office as I am typing here. Vera not safe for work.

    Second I had a scare when you mentioned the flouloulous, I haven’t sent you lately anything and I thought I was the only fatty fan in Mexico. But now I am released it’s not me.

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