3 thoughts on “BFO797 – More Gazing and the Full Moon

  1. Yes, this blog is so informative that I can’t believe it’s just spam.
    But what makes me giggle more, beside the fact I get the same comments on my site, that it is some CHEAP hotel commenting here and not some luxurious one! Apparently they know you well, and know you are a coupon fetish at the harrah hotel. And that you’re cheap if not free.

  2. Aww, Ricky you are the sweetest thing! All the best for your new life in Chicago and don’t worry too much about getting killed at Starbucks (I would be more worried about not being killed BY Starbucks) – you have survived the Fat Cave! Nothing could be worse.

    Oh, and you are hot!

  3. We had such a great time with Tom and Terry eatin’ the pizza! Turns out my good friend knows Terry, they used to work together years ago. Small world.

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