BFO1782 – Curse of the McNoodles

The Fat one recaps the weekend at the HORRAH Hotel which, of course, includes a Gentleman Caller report. Happy Spanksgiving Week!


BFO1561 – Getting Some Pointers

The Fat One recaps the weekend and introduces a brand new segment with some familiar music. Happy Holiday Monday!

Here’s the link to the video I play during


BFO932 – Wearing a Hairnet

The Fat One closes out the week by telling you all about the weekend HORRAH events but still has time to barely squeeze in a couple of voiceletters.  Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day.

BFO883 – Leather Adult Diaper

The Fat One recaps the weekend at the HORROR HOTEL plus chitta-chats about a few other things to kick-off the new week.

BFO799 – Little Dominos

The Fat One is back in the Fat Cave and has a couple of surprises to share with everyone today.  Plus there is a final recap of the weekend and a song and dance story about the sling.  Happy George Birthington’s Wash Day.

BFO798 – Big Fatty, Executive Director

The Fat One recaps the horror weekend so be forewarned Cheerios eaters.  Plus the Fat One gives a hint for listeners who are constipated.  Guaranteed colonic explosions.