5 thoughts on “BFO1561 – Getting Some Pointers

    A Can of Tuna – lol

    that KB – she kills me – oh, maybe you want to donate that to the winner of your little contest???

    I kid – I kid –

    I am selling cookies on the corner as we speak – err, as I type.

    It is actually a snow storm of sorts out my winders.

    Does Vader hate me? I think he does.

    Are you going to NYC in June? Can I come with you? I could hang out with Patrick Plain and maybe Robert and Daniel can meet me there and maybe Robert will go walk around with me – or maybe Wendy will come and see me – OR I BET Baron Frosti would fly in from Juneau Alaska to see me – Oh Ho Hum

    Well – back to exercising – Mid september I threw this idea out there and wouldn’t you know it Christian grabbed onto it and now he is our superman leader of the group – course his goal is to build body mass – which I love and admire – it is harder than loosing I think – trust me I am married to a twig.

    bye bye farty pants – hope you aren’t being a boring person with Poodle and sleeping around all day –

    funny, farty is not a real word

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