4 thoughts on “BFO1562 – Shart Week

  1. Thanks for the link. Yaya.

    Which reminds me. I emailed the application for minion to my work email and its not here. Spam. I bet. How dare they.

    Hate oracle. Ran a report. Exported. Did not fetch all the lines. Export onlynincluded the first screen.ridiculous.

    Snow in washington. Wonder if the high noon conference call is on.

  2. Totally forgot what I came here for – so then I remembered –

    I told you that I could not find the email I sent to myself at work – um – yes, it was in my outbox. Quick Draw McGraw is my name – New – send – close – whoops!!

    Okay – well – you should be set for a bit – I am going to post messages for awhile

    I love KB – and I don’t even know him/her.

    Such fancy hand writing ~ I hope everyone who gets Chrima cards from Hat does not read them on the little shows because I am bound to go into a deep depression because I never got one.

    Crap Creamies are on the mid-season break – haha – oh gosh.

    Well – I better go bread my chicken and cook it up – total addict.

    Oh, I have a new goal – between now and my birthday I am going to bust it to lose three pounds and I am PENDING THE WEATHER taking a road trip to Sioux Falls to shop for an entire new wardrobe – and hopefully I am RICH again by then – such an empty feeling when my bank accounts are low and near empty. hahahhaahha I am such a dork.

    I am addicted to Dawnsons Creek – why did I not watch this when it was on – in 1998 I would not have been too horribly old for it – but the messages really would have helped me back then – 1998/99 was very dark for me – so dark I weighed 130 …..

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