6 thoughts on “BFO205 – In The Soup

  1. Thank goodness you have those new socks to plug your ears…. Did I mention that she and I are just second cousins?

    Very sad ThxGiving story. It took my parents 16 years to overcome their prejudices and invite my partner for xmas, what would be the equivalent family gathering here. Thanksgiving is not really celebrated.

  2. I had to listen to Kim Beaver twice and I’m sad to say, I still didn’t understand what she was singing about. Maybe it was all the sheep that was distracting me.

    That was a sad Thanksgiving story. Until I hear others, that one is the winner.

  3. I didn’t mean to be a buzzkill when I left my Turkey day story.
    I hope more of you send in your stories to at least offset my poopy of a story.

    Kim Beaver sure can wail away. Look out Bjork, Kim Beaver is gonna spread the news about BFO across the globe.

    Brian in Danbury

  4. You didn’t mention what the Skull was wearing. Was it a big Thanksgiving turkey sweater? I heard that Michael from QCast was looking for a tacky Christmas sweater. I thought maybe you could give him the Skull’s phone number so he could ask where she shops.

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