BFO205 – In The Soup

The Fat One has a musical casing for you… and he doesn’t even sing (thank goodness).  Call in with your Thanksgiving stories for your chance to win 2 Soy Candle by Phebes.

BFO204 – Wishes, Stingers and Tears

BF has survived the weekend and has several surprises to share with you to start your week.  Happy Monday.

BFO203 – Hateful, Hateful, Hateful

The Fat One reveals the new contest on today’s show and encourages everyone to take part!  There’s discussion of quiz programs (sorry Michael) and a hateful phone call (which may have a hidden source).  Happy Weekend!

BFO202 – Space Busters

The Fat One actually runs out of things to natter about but not before playing some voice letters and “Memory Lane” music.  It’s World Kindness Day AND a Full Moon.  Good Luck!

BFO201 – Do Unto Others…..

BF has his regular nattering plus a special segment about the Prop 8 stuff.  Happy Wednesday.

BFO200 – Veteran’s Day

BF takes you down “Memory Lane” before he has a salute to OLD veterans.  HAppy Tuesday.

BFO199 – Matress Flipping

BF natters on about anniversiariums for shows on the RNL Podcasing Network, having a new butt hole chewed and Miss Wes… all while PWPO.  Hee, hee, hee!

BFO198 – Hmmmmppppppffffff!

Big Fatty talks about the political chitta chat on other podcasts before he plays “review” of his musical abilities and some “Memory Lane” music.

BFO197 – Gassy Luncheon

The Fat One plays some LATE voiceletters and gives his analysis of the election.  Happy Thursday.

BFO196 – Fat Voting

Free Starbucks Coffee, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Chick-a-fil and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream…. what’s NOT to love about election day for a Fat Ass.  Enjoy the nattering and the “Memory Lane” music.