6 thoughts on “BFO198 – Hmmmmppppppffffff!

  1. Aw….thank you for talking about my 800th episode. It would have been great if you were apart of it since you’ve been such an integral part of ArcherRadio.

    I did not guess the Memory Lane music correctly. However, I did read the Pipi books when I was a kid and remember the one movie from the 70’s I think.


    Fatty, this episode was, perhaps, one of your finest. It was funnier than it’s been in at least 197 episodes. It was also sensitive and current and…well, brilliant.

  3. Hmmmmppppppffffff!Hmmmmppppppffffff!Hmmmmppppppffffff!?!
    Isn’t that exactly the sound the Fat one utters once or twice a month when he gets lucky?!

    Lol – Hmmmmppppppffffff!

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