6 thoughts on “BFO201 – Do Unto Others…..

  1. I don’t like to talk out of school B.F.,but I might of heard on another podcast that the big news announcement next week is that D.Q. Rick(aka Bacon Lover) is going to be your cabin mate on some sort of cruise?

  2. I’ve heard the special comment by Keith several times but it was so well done you can hear it over and over and appreciate how straight Keith is standing up for us.

    D. Q. Rick is the bacon lover?

  3. Fatty, I’ve never seen Keith Olbermann before that clip a few days ago. It was a great special comment. I was getting dizzy by watching him spin in his chair to check out the different cameras in the studio, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

    Can’t you just block AVC’s IP address? She’s so hateful.

  4. Thank you. Keith O. is hot and is amazing. He also has the most sense of any cable news talking head along with the lovely Rachel Maddow.

    Thank you.

  5. The nattercasts are my favourites. And so are you, BF.

    P.S. I had an imitation Slinky, but I can’t remember getting much enjoyment out of it. “Big Bruiser”, on the other hand, is another matter.

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