BFO944 – Zoomed By

The Fat One has forgotten another Exiting of the Birth Canal celebration but fixes that today.  Plus there’s nattering and lots of voiceletters.  Happy National Peanut Day.


  1. Got an idea!
    Maybe you can keep a list of everything you put in your mouth for a week and we can try and help sort it out for you.

  2. Sad to hear the news about your nose 🙁

  3. But I am as always deeply impressed (bad choice of expression) how you turn everything into somehting fun and vulgah!!!

    I know Kathy, too soon 😉

  4. So instead of you paying one for a storage on your computra they made something where they possess your data, that doesn’t work if the Internet is broken and you have to pay monthly for it. What a better way to get profit and money from the users. That’s how they get ya!

  5. Foul Monkeys made me laugh!

    Dang, sorry to hear about your nose!

    If I went to a dermatologist …