7 thoughts on “BFO953 – Fried Bologna

  1. How did you like the French Toast??

    Just listening to Vera.

    Listening to bob and sheri in my left ear & you in my right! Multi-itasker.

    Cheesecake …. We didn’t have cheesecake.


  2. In the nicest possible way, I really have to call out the old gal on this T.V. dinner slight.
    Just as Old Spice brings me back to a certain time in my life,so do Swanson’s T.V. dinners. Sitting in my PJ’s on the floor @ 7p.m. on Sunday night,waiting for Tinkerbell to start the begining of The Wonderful World of Disney.

  3. Oops..my mistake. Just been informed the chicken taste has changed since I last had it 38yrs ago.

  4. We used to make fried bologna sammies as a kid.. with mustard or mayo..
    Hubby wont allow the stuff in the house, I might have to sneak some in and have a mid-night snack.
    PS: dont tell my DR.

  5. I re-listened to the show & thought I had missed something to find that I hadn’t. I miss you big fatty!!

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