7 thoughts on “BFO862 – Rapture in Walnut Hills

  1. If you had hooked up on the plane, that would have put you in Absolute Legend status.
    Some quality time with a Crypt or a Blood would surely raise the bar.

  2. Also- can you add an erase button for those of us who like to have 1 or 7 adult beverages while commenting on the BFO?

  3. The Guru Nudie would like to know if there is any relationship between how much content you have prepared for your little show and how long it takes you to say LaLaLauren (:

  4. Oh – today’s show art is supposed to be a picture of the surface of the sun?!

    I thought it showed the rash your most favorite gentleman caller got from his last call to the Fat Cave 🙂

  5. Do you mean his favorite gentleman caller, his most regular gentleman caller, or maybe his most favorite gentleman caller? Could be his old most favorite gentleman caller,second most favorite gentleman caller, or that guy that was a 3rd wheel in his 30 minute divided by 3 session. I’m so confused…..

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