BFO841 – Vons East

The Fat One has a list and ends up nattering about ham, birds and the newspaper.  Plus there are voiceletters and a Northern California trip update.

BFO840 – Second Opinion

The Fat One welcomes a new segment and voice to the LITTLE SHOW today.  Plus there’s an update on the Southern California Meet and Greet AND on the Las Vegas hootenanny.

BFO835 – Come Through Fatty

Put on your Big Boy Pants because the Fat One is giving everyone a tongue lashing today.  It’s all in love but it’s time for everyone to stop podfading.  Plus there’s an update on the SoCal trip and lots of other nattering.  Happy Hump Day.

BFO834 – Numb Head

The Fat One has another update on the Southern California trip which probably will result in a case of the San Francisco treat.  Plus there is plenty of additional nattering.  Happy Podaversirarium to the Dragen podcast!

BFO812 – Hot Mustard

It’s Friday and the Fat One is excited about a weekend of fun.  There’s an update on the Pride 48 event in Las Vegas, a Northern California trip update and lots of meat too.  Plus there are some voiceletters.  Remember to SPRING FORWARD as many of us move to Daylight Saving Time.

BFO779 – It’s Scratch-Off Time Again

The Fat One natters about underpants and fannies.  Plus there is an update on the San Francisco portion of the big May trip and another installment of “That’s How They Getcha’.”

BFO710 – The Podcasters of America

It’s the Full Moon so things are a little cra-cra.  There’s breaking news on the LITTLE SHOW plus BF reveals the special music he’ll use for the Southern California trip updates.  Whatever you do this weekend, stay out of the Redwoods.

BFO642 – One Too Many

The Fat One starts off with a gurgle that sends him to brush his teeth but returns with some nattering about the remainder of his weekend before making another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.  Happy Tuesday.