5 thoughts on “BFO834 – Numb Head

  1. I wish I could go just to be on The Price is Right with you guys!! How great would that be if you were picked!! My cross-ables will be crossed – if you win a cruise you can take me 😉 HA! What if you won a trip to Vegas? That would work out perfect – but not as perfect as a Ford Explosion!!

    Alright – gotta go make some cow burgers for supper – ewe –

    And by the way – my Ask BF was along the lines of – if you were to choose your profession and it was yours no matter what, what would you have done – Game Show Host, Professional Announcer, Talk Show Host or something more similar to what you do in real life? Then you announce the game show tickets – you would do good in either!

    Bye BF!
    (until tomorrow or the next day or whenever)

    Oh, and the reason I was laughing is because I said, “My gum is in my mouth – – – and I took it out and put it back in and then when I went to take it out it was on my left side ….oh, crap who cares???)

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