BFO835 – Come Through Fatty

Put on your Big Boy Pants because the Fat One is giving everyone a tongue lashing today.  It’s all in love but it’s time for everyone to stop podfading.  Plus there’s an update on the SoCal trip and lots of other nattering.  Happy Hump Day.

8 thoughts on “BFO835 – Come Through Fatty

  1. Kim Beaver Fade?????!!! WTF?
    Ive got a title for tomorrows show…..

  2. i see. Someone gets a little cranky when the G.C’s don’t come a-ringing.
    AKA- spitting the dummy(pacifier)

  3. Speaking of Dear Gussie – And I am not sure if it is better to fall asleep at 9:30 pm in the evening and wake at 2:30 am in the morning or suffer by not being able to fall asleep until 2 am in the morning!! I think you definitely have the worse end of the deal – I can at least go in an hour early!

    Well – I thought your show would put me to sleep and no such luck – so, I will just get ready for work and go in early. (yes, I get OT/CT).

    Have a Great Wednesday – Everyone!!

  4. Good Lord was that a rant.

    Sounds like the Fatty just needs to be reminded that’s he’s an important part of his listeners day.

    Here’s a big hug and smooch for you, my friend.


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