BFO836 – Welcome to Vulgaria!

The Fat One has had a long day at the Coal Mine but natters about all kinds of things.  Plus Miss Wes has sent BF the National Anthem of Vulgaria (please stand an remove your pants.)  Special thanks to turnipHed for the artwork (get well soon!)

7 thoughts on “BFO836 – Welcome to Vulgaria!

  1. He calls me bat $-hit crazy but he sits & talks to himself five nights a week?

    Every night will be passover huh? Happy intoxicating sleepy sleeps!
    (Nyquil works too).

  2. I’m craaaaving for a Gin tonic!
    But a bottle of Gin here in Mexico is as expensive as a packet of bacon or more expensive than two packets of bacon, so I prefer spending my money on bacon and maybe one day someone will buy me a drink. Yes, I’m just dreaming.

  3. oh dear gussie, I am so far behind on podcasts. I guess I’ll just delete the sea hag’s because I hear the high points on the BFO anyway 😉

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