10 thoughts on “BFO837 – 2 Mile Walk

  1. I can’t believe someone from Walnut Hills didn’t suggest you listen to one of your recent cruise shows as a sleep aid.
    How Vera dare you!

  2. Answer to my question KB- V-dub is not short for a Volkswagon Beatle car anymore. I’ts what the the girls here call a waxed Va- jay- jay.(very funny I thought)

  3. A safety tip for your mealy nuts, remember to spit out the juice.
    It’s just not safe to swallow .It’s just not safe.

  4. Hey BF! I’m still out here. Just saying hi. I’m very behind. I’ve fallen into some hard times and some general SLOP as they call it. I’m catching up today and you’re giving me laughs. Love ya!

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