BFO1456 – Overserved into a Coma

Poor Big Fatty is late with the Monday LITTLE show because of a huge overserving and HORRAH intertubes. There’s lots of drunkiness and voiceletters. Enjoy!


BFO1060 – Chocolate Pudding

The Fat One has concluded the horrah weekend by being overserved. There’s a recap of the events plus several voiceletters and LOTS of overserved nattering. Happy National Cherry Pie Day.

BFO483 – Gin & Cake

Dear Gussie…. It’s like two podcasts in one.  The Fat One in his regular fat self in the first part and overserved in the second part.  There are voiceletters and BF’s FAVORITE holiday recipe to share.  And then he’s slurring and giggling alot.  Happy National Fruit Cake Month.


BFO455 – Bull Snot

The Christmas season is officially underway but the Fat One is not at 100% today… perhaps it’s because of the Full Moon or perhaps he was overserved on Friday night.  Regardless, enjoy some voiceletters and nattering.


BFO249 – Overserved Cast

The Fat One has been self-overserved and chitta chats about lurkers plus tries to play some voiceletters.  Hope it is OK.  Happy National Holiday.